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We understand how Combat Sims looks from the outside. Pictures of mean looking, geared-up players. Phrases like “Break Contact”, “Section Attack”, and “Basic Drill” being thrown around – phrases you’ve never heard before. 

Big, fat “We’re so hardcore” labels stamped everywhere. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking these things. 

You’d also be wrong. 

Combat Sims is run BY civilians, FOR civilians. Most of us work in offices, or retail, or warehouses. Nobody is a supersoldier – and nobody is trying to be, either. 

That’s why we designed the LIDS program. 

Lids Program instructors give a safety brief before step-off


LIDS (Learning, Induction and Development Section) is a comprehensive, short introduction to the world of Combat Sims. It runs for roughly 2hrs, and covers the specific skills and knowledge you need to start playing, straight away. In fact, we run the LIDS courses immediately before we run our actual sessions – that way, you don’t have to attend multiple games to get started! You get your gear, do your intro, and start playing – all in one session. 

Because we’re all civilians too, we break up LIDS into short, paintball-esque chunks of action, followed by some theory. 

Subjects you’ll cover include: patrolling skills, hand signals, formations, how to operate in a squad, and contact drills. By the end of the LIDS session, you’ll have all the skills you need to operate as a valuable member of your section. 

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to attach to a team for the actual Combat Sims game – which of course, is where the real fun is! 

The best bit? LIDS sessions are FREE. If you’re not sure that you’ll like Combat Sims, come to a LIDS session and try it out – if you don’t like it, there’s no fee! 

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LIDS members run through a live-fire attack under instruction


Still not convinced? Read our FAQ’s for some more in-depth details.